ERCES (Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System) formally referred to as ERRS (Emergency Responder Radio Systems) and ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communications Systems), these are purpose built In-Building radio signal enhancement systems that focus on the frequencies/channels used by emergency responders. This is an essential life safety tool that facilitates radio communications for emergency responders inside of buildings. There are several different types of technology solutions available, and our specialist look at your unique requirements and recommend a solution(s) that meet your objectives.

RF Testing

RF Testing is the first step in meeting compliance. Our professional services team use the latest technology available to map your facility as required and test for compliance. Our team members are certified on the products and technologies that they use to map the downlink signal within your facility. Additionally, we have invested in Motorola APX portable radios that are programmed on your AHJ radios system so that we can perform the required DAQ (Delivered Audio Quality) testing.


If you have a life safety ERCES in your building, you are required by IFC510 code to maintain and inspect annually the ERCES. Our professional services team is licensed and certified on most major manufacturer’s equipment and can meet the code required maintenance and inspections. We offer multi-year maintenance and annual inspection agreements to ensure your continued compliance.

Annual Inspection

IFC510 requires Annual Inspections of all ERCES. Most AHJ require a RF Grid Test every 3-5 years even if you do not have an ERCES in your facility to prove compliance. PSI’s professional services team performs these annual inspections as a regular course of business every day. We offer one time and multi-year service agreements to ensure that you are in compliance with your AHJ’s requirements.


Although we do not provide installation services, we have preferred licensed partners that are certified for the technologies selected. We have been working with most of these partners for over a decade completing hundreds of projects.

Our relationship starts at the design phase, incorporating site specific information to make the project execution as efficient as possible. Through the installation process, PSI’s professional team is available to assist with any unforeseen issues or necessary changes to ensure that the integrity of the system remains. PSI continues to be involved through the final inspection with the AHJ.

Testing & Solutions