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First Responder Radio System

ERCES (Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System) are In-Building radio signal enhancement systems that focus on the frequencies/channels used by emergency responders.

RF Testing is the first step in meeting compliance.  Our professional services team use the latest technology available to map your facility as required and test for compliance.

If you have a life safety ERCES in your building, you are required by IFC510 code to maintain and inspect annually the ERCES.  Our professional services team is licensed and certified on most major manufacturer’s equipment.

IFC510 requires Annual Inspections of all ERCES.  Most AHJ require a RF Grid Test every 3-5 years even if you do not have an ERCES in your facility to prove compliance.

On-Site ERCES Testing and Solutions!

ERRS Testing

Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES)

First responders communicate with wireless public safety systems when they are called to duty in emergency situations. But many times their hand-held radios do not work properly inside a facility due to a variety of environmental factors, including a building's construction materials.


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